Berlin bright tradeshow wall of participation

In the first week of July 2018, we visited the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin. We are so thankful to have gotten a booth to showcase our project and merchandise, helping us to expand Women Skate the World. During the event, we used the wall of our booth for people to write down a message to girl skateboarders around the world. 

Find out what people shared with us, and want to share with you:

what are barriers and how to solve them in women skateboarding globally
We challenged people to write down ways to solve barriers in women skateboarding.

Barriers in skateboarding on the participation wall
And also challenged them to write down barriers in women skateboarding

Shared messages on participation wall berlin
The participation wall got us a mix of barriers in women skateboarding, and ways to solve them.

Art on participation wall
Along with some lovely art.


By the end of the event, our wall had been properly filled up by the visitors of Bright Tradeshow, making us two happy girls!

We hope you are inspired by the messages people shared, and never forget that GIRLS ROCK!

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