The founders of women skate the world at the skatepark in Asira, Palestine.

Hey there! We are Women Skate the World nice to meet you.

Women Skate the World consists out of two team members, Nanja and Amber. We met in March 2018 when volunteering with SkatePal in Asira, Palestine. We’re both passionate about women’s skateboarding and using skateboarding to empower communities and build confidence in young women around the world. We decided we wanted to keep going and travel to other community skate projects, around the world, encouraging women to skateboard, working to give women positive role models in skateboarding and give them a chance to develop themselves and their communities. 

Often when we meet women, they tell us they can’t skate, they might fall or they might look stupid. When we spend time coaching these women, we see them progress and, in turn, support more women in their own communities to get involved in skateboarding. Seeing girls and women encourage each other to be brave, face their fears and keep trying, we know the work we do makes a difference to the women we meet.

We are available to work with, and at skateboarding projects around the world, providing them with a ‘Women Skateboarding Program’ consisting out of skateboard classes, non-skate educational classes and a youth leadership program. If you’re interested to work with us, send us a message through the contact page, or shoot us an e-mail at

Keep an eye out on the website to see updates of what we’re currently working on, content to advise and inspire those interested in volunteering with skateboarding NGO’s, and events we’re working with.

When we skate, we feel free, we feel empowered, we feel like nothing can hold us back. The global skateboarding community is a powerful and positive force, we want to bring that force to women around the world and spread the joy that skateboarding brings to us. Support our mission to breakdown gender-barriers and empower communities through skateboarding. Skateboarding is not about mastering the best tricks, it’s about spreading the message that she can do it, that we can do it, that you can do it.


Amber and Nanja x