The founders of women skate the world at the skatepark in Asira, Palestine.

We believe that a woman’s place is on a skateboard.

In early 2018, Women Skate the World came to life when Amber and Nanja met on a volunteering trip in Asira, Palestine. Working with Palestinian kids firsthand confirmed their belief: skateboarding, with its physicality, creativity, and individuality, empowers communities and builds confidence. To the kids, skateboarding was a fun, yet focused activity, unstructured, yet disciplined.

Age and Gender didn’t matter, until it did..

You see, beyond a certain age, young women struggle with imposed gender roles and an array of cultural expectations — they belong here, they don’t belong there, they should do this, they shouldn’t do that. But when asked, they all wanted to be at a skatepark, on their boards, shredding as much as their male counterparts. In the skatepark gender roles and certain expectations disseapear, and girls of every age can compete.

The young shredders of Asira, Palestine chilling on the rail.

And that’s exactly what we set out to do. Our mission is to break through gender barriers by engaging, inspiring, and empowering women through skateboarding all over the world. We do that through:

Skate and educate — Mid 2018 we developed our own Women’s program, which offers a combination of education and skateboarding, focussed on life skills, growth and fun. Our lessons include themes such as safety, environment, me and the community, health, and more. The program launched Oktober 2018 in Athens and takes place weekly, with young girls coming from refugee shelters in and around the city.

Mid 2019 we developed an all new program for girls living in Amsterdam. This program started september 2019 in cooperation with Project Fearless.


Women Mentorship Program — Open to volunteers who are passionate and excited about getting more women on skateboards, we guide you through your volunteering time through 1:1 mentoring. It is possible to volunteer with us in Athens, but we can also provide you with (online) support when you’re volunteering through a partner NGO or other organizations. Besides Athens and Amsterdam, we have experience with working in Palestine and Kurdistan Iraq. Check out this page about volunteering, to get more information about volunteering and contact details!


Non-Profit Organization and Youth Center Partnership — We provide free resource packages to help you create a sustainable girls- or women skate program. Through an initial Skype call, we’ll get to know you and learn about your needs and goals. We are also available for advise and mentoring, find all about it on this page about partnerships.

Whether you’re a woman volunteer, an NGO who is passionate about inclusivity and representation in their respective skateboarding community, or just a random enthousiastic visitor, we’d love to chat with you! Feel free to message us any time, through e-mailInstagram or Facebook.

When we skate, we feel free, we feel empowered, we feel like nothing can hold us back. The global skateboarding community is a powerful and positive force, we want to bring that force to women around the world and spread the joy and power that skateboarding brings to us. 


Amber and Nanja

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  1. Awesome testimonials Amber! I see you are doing leadership development work – give me a shout if I can help (I have been doing that with women for decades!)

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