In 2018 we worked together with several NGO’s to inspire and empower young girls through skateboarding. For 2019 we’d love to go forward with this, working together with and helping out other organisations. We are very grateful for all the help we get, as we would be nowhere without it.

What can we do

Do you want to set up a skateboarding project? We can help you with lesson programs, inspiration, and mentoring sessions. Furthermore, we have a lot of experience teaching in various circumstances, therefore we are able to instruct you on what you need for a perfect skate location, even if there’s no skatepark nearby.

Any requests can be sent through the form at the bottom of this page.

The Netherlands

For NGO’s, institutions, and individuals working in the Netherlands, there’s the possibility to come visit the Dutch WSTW program as soon as it starts. Nanja is living and working in Amsterdam, so if you’re looking for support on the place, shoot her a message and we can see if it’s possible to visit your project.

Ben je benieuwd naar het werk van Women Skate the World in het algemeen, of in Nederland, kan je contact opnemen met Nanja. Vanuit Amsterdam runt zij Women Skate the World, en is bezig met het opzetten van een project in Nederland.

Voor informatie over vrijwilligersfuncties kan deze pagina bekijken en een oogje houden op onze instagram en facebook.

We bieden begeleiding en advies omtrent skateboard-projecten, lesprogramma’s en de achterliggende theorie. Zoals in het Engels beschreven elders op de website hebben we uitgebreide ervaring in het “skate-aid” werk. Onze programma’s zijn gefocust op meisjes en vrouwen, maar we hebben ook geholpen bij skateboard-projecten met gemixte groepen.

Als je geïnteresseerd bent in advies, of meer wilt weten kan je het formulier onder aan de pagina invullen, zodat we contact met je op kunnen nemen.

Research, Essays and Publications

If you would like our help answering questions for your thesis or essay, let us know through the form below! We are happy to spread our vision and help with your research from our own experience.

Same goes for publications and media. We are open to talk about WSTW and answer questions for a media publication. If you are looking for this, let us know through the form below. That way we can set a (skype-) appointment to talk about your request, how we can help out, and what we stand for.

Fundraisers, donations and sponsorships

Our activities are based on voluntary work, and most of the work we do is unpaid. Therefore we are extremely grateful if people decide to help us out on this.

If you’re looking for a good cause to do a fundraiser and decide to do this for Women Skate the World, we can provide you with a promo package (e.g. posters/flyers/stickers) and eternal love.

Donations are always very helpful, and we really appreciate it. For our work in Athens we are crowdfunding for a second van, so that we can reach more children and do more lessons. Click here to support the campaign. To support WSTW in general you can use our GoFundMe page, or send us a message.

Materials and Clothing

We can always use material donations, but it’s good to discuss with us what you’d like to donate and how we’re going to get it at the right location. If you consider doing this we’d love to have a chat. Most of all we always need good protection pads and helmets, secondly we are happy to receive skateboards and/or hardware which we can use to keep the kids safe on a good working board.

If you want to donate clothing or do a sponsorship concerning your brand, please get in touch. We are open to this and like to explore the possibilities, but it’s important to realise that we want to keep the distribution of materials fair and equal.

Get in Touch

Read the testimonials below and find out how partners experience(d) working with us)

Free Movement Skateboarding

Amber from WSTW has been working with us at Free Movement Skateboarding for four months now and has fine-tuned our female focussed delivery. I cannot do justice to Amber’s devotion to the young people we work with, she commits all she can to their development in and out of sessions. I have always had confidence in skateboarding’s capacity to boost self-esteem in disadvantaged groups, but WSTW’s women’s program does this at a rate unseen elsewhere. These girls have a clearer understanding of their bodies, boundaries, consent, health and so much more. They hold their own amongst the boys in the mixed sessions I teach at, and I’ve seen their confidence sky rocket in an environment that normally hinders that. Young displaced women newly arrived in Europe have challenges ahead we struggle to imagine, but the ground work WSTW have put in will help them thrive.

Will Ascott

Suli Skatepark

Amber from Women Skate the World was a volunteer for a month at Suli Skatepark and in my opinion she did great in that short time. She got the kids and everyone’s attention, the kids loved her lessons and she has taught them a lot. They still talk about her and the lessons she has taught them. Thank you Amber, the community of Suli Skatepark has developed a lot and I’m seeing a very bright future!



Women Skate the World’s Nanja Van Rijsse and Amber Edmondson volunteered with SkatePal in April and May 2018 at our skatepark in Asira ash-Shamaliya, Palestine.

They quickly proved to be extremely competent during their time with us and not only took a lead in classes but were very proactive in developing the program. They approached their work with cultural sensitivity and have a sustainable vision for what they want to achieve. It was a pleasure to have them out in Palestine, and I look forward to seeing them go out again next year. I have very high hopes for the future of WSTW, and what they are planning to accomplish!

Charlie Davis