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About Volunteering

Hey there! This is where you find how to apply for volunteering with Women Skate the World, information on other skate-NGO’s, and tips and tricks for volunteering!

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We need female volunteers who are passionate and excited about getting more women on skateboards. You do NOT need to be amazing at skateboarding — we just ask that you are enthusiastic and mindful.

In Athens, we have partnered up with Freemovement SB (FMSB), an NGO teaching skateboarding to kids in refugee camps. We launched our Women’s program together with them, this takes place in the all-girls’ sessions.

On location is Amber, one of the founders of Women Skate the World.

How does it work?

  • Volunteer placements last for one month. We will consider two-month placements however these are limited and will be decided on an individual basis (e.g. for people travelling from the other side of the world to be in Athens).
  • As part of your time volunteering, we ask that you run a small non-skate workshop at one of our locations. This will be with around 10 kids and should last roughly an hour and a half. Of course, we will provide you with all the support you need.
  • We ask you to fundraise £200 (€225) before coming out to Athens (ideally by hosting a fundraiser) and we have promotional materials (posters, logos etc.) to help you with this.

If you decided that you’d like to volunteer with us then please send a cover letter and relevant information to volunteering@freemovementskateboarding.com. You will be provided with more details and how to apply.

The Woman’s program in Athens, Greece. (2018)


Nanja is running a pilot program in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. More information about volunteering will be up in 2020. We are running the Amsterdam program together with Project Fearless.

However, feel free to shoot her an e-mail on nanja@womenskatetheworld.com about anything regarding the Amsterdam project! She is open to new ideas, any questions, or other messages.

Other NGO’s


If you are a female skateboarder and interested in volunteering, also check out our friends SkatePal. Skatepal is a non-profit dedicated to teaching skateboarding to young people in Palestine. They have one- or two months placements available between March and October and provide accommodation during your stay.

We can highly recommend volunteering with SkatePal, after all, that’s where we met each other and started Women Skate the World.

Mentoring, support, and other questions

If you would like to chat about anything considering volunteering with any skate-aid organisation, send us an email and we can discover the options together. We can advise you on where to go, what to pack, or link you to people who have previous experience in that field.

If you want to set up your own project, find more information on the page about Partnerships.

Tips and Tricks

During our stay in Palestine, Kurdistan Iraq, and Athens we’ve written some blogs about the ins and outs of volunteering. The blogs cover different topics, all of which you can experience while volunteering. Go over to our blog  page or, choose from one of the categories below.

So, that’s about it. Hopefully we answered your questions and got you excited for volunteering. It has been one of the best things we’ve done in our life and we hope it will be for you too. If there’s anything else, you can use this form to contact us.